Research Aims

Just thought it was worth including the following at this stage – below is a copy of my research aims and objectives, as required by our Research Methodologies module. Over the next couple of years, I will no doubt get distracted by a (countless) number of extremely interesting-looking rabbit-holes, down which things will no doubt appear larger or smaller than they perhaps should. I thought it would be quite valuable to have this on record in order to keep me on track and things their correct size. I’m open to the possibility of alteration and refinement but I think it’s important to stay focused…

Research Methodologies Task 2 – Aims and Objectives

 Statement of Intent for Research

The aim of my project is to ascertain the current status, uses and limitations of analogue photography now that its commercial dominance as a means of realistic portrayal has been usurped by digital technology. In order to carry out this research, I have the following objectives:

  • To examine the manner in which painting was transformed by the advent of photography in the mid-nineteenth century. Understanding and quantifying the implications of the seismic changes that digital technology is bringing necessitates the study of a similar precedent.
  • To expand on my extant knowledge of photographic techniques; in order to place photography in its contemporary aesthetic context it is necessary to discover what it is technically capable of. I therefore intend to gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the holistic nature of photographic image-making by exploring a wide range of traditional and alternative methods.
  • To enhance my knowledge of the digital methods necessary to enable the above, to include scanning, blogging and the use of the internet to access information and to facilitate dissemination.

Due to the nature of the subject, my methodological approach will be largely practice-based and qualitative and will draw from a multiplicity of sources, events and experimentation.


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